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Riya Kodali  stands strong in the International fashion scene for her attention to detail and couturier techniques. The amount of handwork involved in each finished garment is breathtaking and notable. As with the establishment of Riya Kodali Design House, the idea behind it is to inspire the highest quality of hand craftsmanship and authenticity of materials used.

Each day, we put on clothes that do more than just cover up bodies. We choose clothes that represent our personalities, our moods, the times we live in, our ambitions and our desires. Who are the people behind the designs we wear every day? Riya Kodali has contributed largely in the make of fashion as a huge industry, and whose work is as controversial, and as influential, as traditional art. These are some of the designers who have dressed the world’s most famous people—and are hugely famous in their own right.

Riya Kodali from Detroit, Michigan, currently living in Bangalore, focuses on a grand concoction of pulchritude, artistry and exquisiteness. Her collections beyond doubt bring out the panache in you and make you look charismatic in addition to feeling the elegance and grace. A person with an immaculate intellect in her subject of expertise is sure to leave you in awe with her forthcoming collection just as much as she startled all and sundry in her preceding Bangalore Fashion Week. The American-Canadian-Indian model turned actress Lisa Ray was the showstopper for the Bangalore Fashion Week and was thrilled to flaunt the outfit at the event. Her collections sure are a milestone in portraying flamboyance and style with intricate work and inspiring designs.

Her take on the western gowns is simply authentic and is no less than dreamy with a gentle dab of ethnicity that makes it state-of-the-art. The Multi Colour Supe in this category would be an ideal example of the magnificence of this particular division. The saree gowns again bring out the traditions and novelty in a woman with its freshness. There is no other piece of work that can startle you like The Grey Angel here. The diffusion lehengas by Riya Kodali are an epitome of royalty and uniqueness and the 3D work lehenga is a stunning piece of excellence! The bridal wear, the evening wears and party wears simply cannot get any more stunning and spectacular in being capable enough to draw the attention of a thousand eyes. The collections are a live example of how we can be a ubiquitous showstopper!

Stay tuned for the Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 to be left staggered further more!



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